Photography I Provide

I have been asked what services I provide as a working photographer. So, here’s a list:

Real Estate Photography – cost is determined by square footage

a. Final enhanced prints is determined by the square footage

b. I will always capture exterior front and back of property

c. All living spaces will have at least one image captured from the entry point

d. Depending on the square footage (which determines the number of finished images you’ll receive) you’ll have more than one angle of the same rooms.

Senior High School Portraits – I have two categories

1. Full Package: $150.00 Includes the following –

a. Choice of Location (I do not work in a studio)

b. Two hour photo session

c. Unlimited wardrobe change (within the two hour session)

d. 15 final portraits (enhanced/retouched) and I hand the copyrights over to you

2. Express Package: $50.00 Includes the following –

1. Thirty minute photo session

2. No wardrobe change

3. 5 final portraits (enhanced/retouched) and I hand the copyrights over to you

I also do fine art photography. This can be commissioned based or you can pick from my stock of prints.

For commissioned work, you pick the subject, time of season, and the final print size. For my fine art photography stock work I have many options. I can do 5×7 (seasonal) up to 30×40.

I offer traditional prints, canvas, metal and Acrylic prints. My personal favorite right now is the metal prints. In a later installment I will present all the sizing and pricing that I offer.

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