The Path 2020 (reprise)

I know that as of recent our world has changed drastically. I found myself trying to capture every bit of information I could concerning COVID-19. But that is not what this week’s blog is about. I do not wish to trivialize the deaths or the seriousness of what is happening around us right now. A radical alteration of our lives is happening as events unfold daily around us. I do not have the training to undertake something on the size of COVID-19.

In this installment I will be putting together some old and not so old work.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2019

Over the years (and evidently over a decade and a half) while, either out West or right in my own backyard of Minnesota, taking landscape images I would, for some reason, take an image of the path I was trekking. When I got back to my desk I would look over the images for possibilites and those images of the path would cross the screen on my computer. I often wondered why I bothered. I was not trying to put together anything remotely associated with paths. But, being an artist, I would see rhythms or patterns and take a picture. It was that complicated. A fleeting moment captured with no real thought process in place. Or maybe there was a latent process forming.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2018

Then, a couple of years ago, I was sorting through hundreds of folders of photographs and noticed this reoccurring theme of paths happening. I decided to put them together and from that I was able to generate a body of work and put it out on Behance. Nine images formed that original portfolio I entitled “The Path 2018.”

© Scott Dickey Photography 2018

Over this past week (yes, COVID-19 has impacted real estate photography also) I have worked on some twenty-five images for this blog. So, obviously something needs to be said about me & paths. Again, as late as last October, while I was not working towards a path portfolio, the body of work presented itself to me. I figure I still see patterns & rhythm and I need to pursue it to an end, this might be that end.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2019

I will not put twenty-five images out there for you to wade through. Some are old, I am guessing back when the Nikon D2X was the “flagship” DSLR, some as recent as this past October.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2006
© Scott Dickey Photography 2017

A couple of the images have an “infrared” feel to them. They are not. I have not altered any of my cameras to take infrared images; and I have tried the infrared mode in a popular photo editing software and I thought it was not at all impressive.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2016
© Scott Dickey Photography 2016
© Scott Dickey Photography 2015

These images just turned out that way. Since some of the “original” work is gone (I had a portable hard drive fail two years ago) I am now left with the jpeg and not the RAW files. Each time I tried to work on them I kept losing detail, or gaining contrast. I guess that is why they call jpeg “lossy.”

Until next time, be safe, take good care of yourself, and enjoy!

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