A wider view

How are you doing? I mean really doing? The uptick in America with regards to COVID-19 is all consuming it you allow it. It is everywhere, print, visual, all media is covering COVID-19 these days. I found myself on the edge of my chair on Monday of this week swept up in the panic and pandemic of it all. By Friday I did not want to hear another word on this type of news. It was all so depressing. Realistic? Perhaps. But 100% depressing. I know a lot of you out there have COVID-19 and many other problems compounding your very existence. I am blessed to live in this time and space and only suffer little.

Watching the news is so unlike me. I rarely turn on a television, I listen to no airwave radio, much less give two cents on the news, but there I was. I was soaking up any and all information they threw at me. It reminded me of my college philosophy days, “critical thinking” I recall they entitled it.

I do hope all is well with you and those you love. I join with millions in prayer against this unseen attack on our physical bodies and our mental health.

This weeks entry is several days late. I had a complete “how-to” guide of panoramic photography. I wrote, set back, did some serious editing, set back again and looked with pride over my three-page masterpiece and discovered one thing:

Nothing new under the sun.

Prophetic, huh. King Solomon said the same thing. I cannot do anything original some days.

It dawned on me; my customers could care less what I went through to get the photograph. Just so long as I got the photograph. So, I did what every great writer has done: Select All – Delete.

I leave you with these images of work I did earlier this week. Be safe, be healthy. And remember those you care about.

© Scott Dickey Photography 2020
© Scott Dickey Photography
© Scott Dickey Photography
© Scott Dickey Photography

I do not pretend to be the final word on panoramic photography. To be totally truthful, I would rather not mess with it. It is time consuming in the field and even more time consuming on the computer. But, as we are experiencing right now, the only constant is change. I think I have changed forever, even as COVID-19 becomes a distant memory.

I leave you with a C.S. Lewis quote:

“Everything that is not eternal is worthless in eternity.”

Show care and love towards those you cross paths with this week.

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