Patterns in the Random

It must have been 2004 or 2005 when I first heard the phrase that I have titled this week’s blog. I was in a business course and we were pouring over data points on a spreadsheet. My classmate noticed several patterns that the rest of us had over-looked. Be sure, what he was seeing was data related, and not artistic in any way, shape, or form. I did not see the patterns until he pointed them out. That is when I first heard the phrase, “there are patterns even in the random.” How could I have been so blind not to notice? It was a dry business class, and my training was in art. But I had missed something so sublime. I had lost the fine art of seeing what was present.

Random is the absence of any pattern, yet according to this person there were patterns clear even where there seems to be no order. Odd, intellectual, and very intriguing.

It would be a decade later that I really began to understand what patterns in the random was all about. I had completed a landscape series where one distinct image jumped out at me. It was a digital photo that I converted to black & white, I decided it did not fit in with the rest of the portfolio. It was not a bad image; it just did not blend with the theme. Later, still interested with the image I decided to post it on Instagram. It was not a hit. The concept was lost on everyone but me.

After much searching on my hard drive, I did find that original photo. It was “randomly” taken in 2017 and nested in with other images that fit the theme I was working on back then. I cannot find the original photoshop image. So, I had to redo the editing except this time I left it in color.

©Scott Dickey Photography 2017

Random patterns are over-looked & overdue. Amid all the commotion we are going through I have been blessed to be busy with photography jobs (or gigs as my daughter likes to refer to them as). Usually when I am busy with a camera from nine in the morning until seven in the evening the last thing I want to do is peer through the pentaprism of a camera. I do not even want to look at a camera period. But I felt drawn over the past two days to start becoming aware.

So, I broke my lazy tradition of vegging out on the sofa and becoming absorbed in a movie or binge watching something on a streaming network and got out there and started looking around. Is it not why we became photographers? We cannot stop seeing and discovering. I did not become a photographer for the paycheck, which is for certain. I do this because I cannot help myself but to see things. Sometimes seeing things in a unique way. I am an observer in life, and I record what I observe.

The images that follow are part of that vision. Random patterns drawn by nature itself.

Be blessed, be safe and enjoy!

©Scott Dickey Photography 2020
©Scott Dickey Photography 2020
©Scott Dickey Photography 2020
©Scott Dickey Photography 2020
©Scott Dickey Photography 2019

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